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Pay Per Click Marketing

NetBooster UK PPC

Data driven, user-centric search is the future of PPC.

We help you stand out by making full use of all of our resources and expertise across channels world-wide. We do this by creating granular and targeted paid search campaigns that not only deliver ROI but ensure you stand out against your competitors.

As one of the largest search marketing agencies in Europe, we have the skills, knowledge and experience to create efficient, high margin and award winning PPC campaigns that are 100% transparent and deliver the kind of growth to take your business to the next level.

NetBooster’s PPC focuses on four core areas :

Optimisation is the foundation to ensuring a PPC account performs efficiently. Expansive keyword mining, competitor analysis, and creating granular and defined PPC campaigns as well as daily maintenance ensures every penny is optimised and allocated with the end goal in mind and whatsmore, each step of you user's journey is filled with targeted intent. Fundamentally, we improve results and drive more ROI.

Bid Management

PPC starts and ends with bid management. keywords and enquiries are not all created equal, daily maintenance and management of bids is vital to ensuring you retain high margins. We know how to find bid 'sweet spots', so that your cost per conversion meets KPI targets whilst you retain the level of visibility required to boost conversions.

eCommerce / Retail

Basic PPC techniques won't cut it for retail businesses any longer. Taking up as much 'real estate' on the SERPs is the name of the game in this competitive vertical. We do this by adding extensive ad extensions, constructing detailed shopping campaigns, applying remarketing lists and ensuring competitive offers are prominent - compelling users to take the desired action.


Mobile growth continues at a phenomenal rate and with good reason - with your users glued to their screens and carrying out almost all of their research and searches through mobile devices, it's no longer enough to just be visible online. We ensure you speak the same 'smartphone' language in your paid search campaigns and optimise your campaigns based on the value via smartphones.

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