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Affiliate Marketing

NetBooster UK Affiliate

Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative channels in online marketing. Target your audience with relevant messages and grow your sales.

Whether you want to run an Affiliate Marketing campaign or target a new or existing audience with an e-mailing campaign, as your Performance Architects we know how to develop your campaign and to how to optimize your ROI in the most profitable way.

Every affiliate campaign is unique, which is why we create individual affiliate campaigns based on your performance targets and continuously analyse and develop them using our internal tracking tool.

With 100% transparency, plenty of market knowledge and strong connections to leading networks and publishers, we offer you an efficient and individual affiliate marketing strategy based on your brand and vertical. We’ll also support you in finding high-selling advertising material, suitable affiliate models and the right affiliate commission.

Affiliate Marketing focuses on four core areas :
Operative Support

Our tried and tested approach delivers results.

• Campaign setup
• Central management and development of the campaign
• Daily manual approval of new affiliate applications
• Development of the latest advertising material
• Handling of the network communication
• Handling of the publisher communication
• Daily monitoring of KPIs via our tracking tool

The setup and the development of an affiliate marketing campaign is a big challenge and requires a lot of market expertise. Our experienced NetBooster affiliate team will help you to find the right network, will handle the campaign setup and support you afterwards with the central management of the campaign.

Affiliate Relation Management

Building a strong foundation with your partners.

• Creation and distribution of partner emails to keep the affiliates
up-to-date in regard to the latest promotions, upcoming specials and latest changes featured on the online shop
• Distribution of the latest offers via the network promotion tools
• Key Account consulting of premium partners
• Direct contact for publisher to get in contact via phone or email
• Setup and handling of new partnerships and direct co-operations

Program Development

Maximise the benefit of your affiliate channel.

• Active recruitment of new publishers
• Publisher and website screening via screening tools
• Planning of special promotions & placements along the media plan
• Creation of communication schedules along the media plan
• Regular calls to discuss executed measures and upcoming opportunities

Our affiliate marketing experts always trying to find new ways and opportunities to maximise the performance of your channel. In
co-operation with you, we plan long-term communication schedules/strategies along your media plan, discuss executed measures and new opportunities. This will secure you the best possible campaign results.

Controlling & Reporting

Best in class reporting that provides actionable insights

• Individual and regular reportings
• Overview off all affiliate partners and providers
• Cross-Channel-Tracking and -Reporting possible
• Monitoring of revenue and costs
• Performance comparison report
• Fraud-Alert report

To give our clients 100% transparency we offer regular and individual reports. Our reports provide relevant insights of
the campaign and help to monitor the campaign in regard to all important campaign KPI´s

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the most efficient ways to acquire revenue, sales, leads and customers online, mostly using a pure performance model.