Don’t be eaten by the enhanced campaign wave… ride it!

New PPC Best Practices in an Enhanced Campaign World

As organisations integrate online and offline marketing, it’s imperative to maintain your on-going education in search marketing and its ever-changing landscape, whether you work in public relations, advertising, traditional marketing, web design, or development. It’s crucial to understand how search fits in with the “big picture,” not only contributing to enhanced brand exposure but in many cases paying for itself via measurably improved ROI, now that’s what we’re talking about!

It is fascinating to see how much the world of search has changed over the past 12 months and the launch of enhanced campaigns has played a key role in this on-going digital revolution. While granularity was mandatory to have better control of bid management,  with enhanced campaigns we can now change bids according to the key signals (time, location, device and audience) in the same campaign, making complex accounts more manageable and account management processes more streamlined – good news for those who couldn’t be bothered with splitting out their campaigns previously!

Fortunately, this change came at a good time, with users interacting with different channels, devices at various times of the day in a wide variety of locations before making a purchase. 

However, with more data to play with, we also have many possibilities to consider and now more than ever it’s vital to understand how to go about granularity and bid adjustment for each signal, especially when testing.

So the key questions and challenges that search marketers face today are:

  1. How do we go about granularity and testing?

  2. How do we adjust bids according to the different signals?

  3. How do we adjust bids and ad copy according to the type of customers?

Our Head of PPC in the UK, Sergio Borzillo, has shared some thoughts on this at the SMX London in May.